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come in the meantime is in california on a campaign tour. the last 72 hours come we have seen a growing tide of political ads and remarks from campaign officials and surrogates with one central theme. mitt romney is a liar. here is a sample. >> are you saying that governor romney lied or was dishonest? >> yes, i think he was dishonest am absolutely. >> many people are pointing out what a liar mitt romney is. if he was talking are speaking last night, he was lying. >> you know, i think that we expected an aggressive debater to show up last night. we did not expect an aggressively dishonest debater to show it. and that is what we got with mitt romney. >> many people are saying that what they saw was that governor romney that they have known all along and has been the problem in the past and they haven't seen that person. that he finally emerged during the debate. >> so you think that he lied through his teeth when he said he was going to cut taxes for wealthy people? >> he is the etch-a-sketch guy who has transformed himself and quite frankly, we always have to wonder which mitt romney is
, california salary scandal where city workers took home he norm is and unjustified pay checks in some cases. the police chief was raking in over $400,000 a year. we reported a couple weeks ago how adams had gone to court arguing his employment deal entitled him to double his pension to a half million a year but a judge resumed against him saying the city council never approved his extravagant contract. he gets to continue collecting his $240,000 pension. making him one of the highest paid people in the california public employee retirement system. a child sex i because scandal. involving a popular children's tv star in britain. he died last year and claims of a coverup by the bbc are raising concerns across the pond and at home. >> reporter: the bbc is turned by public money and is now having a huge problem with public trust. the allegation is the bbc tried to cover up a sexual abuse scandal involving jimmy savile. he was knighted by the queen and hailed as a hero. he helped kids achieve their dreams. the allegation is savile sexual limo lefted kids, mostly young girls as young as 12 years
in california over the past four years supported by federal be dollars. if you look at the distribution, and this president loves wealth redistribution, but if you look at the distribution of grants to states where they have unions, where they have officialdom that is all democratic, you're watching a great big money wheel turn. and that's precisely what quinn is asking for here. it's what rahm emanuel is expecting. it's the american federation of teachers, the national education association, it's, it is one huge money waste. megyn: the problem is we talked about in the intro, if you have one state we help, where does it stop? the governor of illinois came out and said, oh, first of all, that was just a precautionary plan and second of all, that was just a drafting error. >> yeah. megyn: because there was such pushback. are we to believe him that this is not something he's going to come to washington hat in hand asking for, and you tell me whether i know demint, a republican, doesn't want to give it to him, but right now we have divided government. we have the republicans in control of
of this adds up to a sizable momentum shift in the collection. megyn, i think beginning last week in california, you can vote -- register to vote online. they are really pushing that. democrats really like online voter registration. because i think they believed it would help them. in some states, where people are beginning to look at the situation for the first time, on wednesday night may be somebody who looks like the winner or that he has solutions to america's problems. and a very gracious and often times very good-natured way, he made the affirmative case for why we shouldn't settle for lowered expectations in the united states. i think that was very comforting for people. i think that mitt romney who had been framed by the obama team has an out of touch, rich, white guys who might be nice but he just doesn't get you -- suddenly he became very likable because he looked like a winner. and we want to be with winners. winners tend to be more likable even if they are not people that you necessarily want to have a beer with them. but they are likable because they are going to help you. they li
. california and new york are offset by texas and georgia and the rest of the south. you have got a republican pacific coast, democrat pacific coast in the northeast, the south is republican. and then you fight it out for as you say this handful of 11 states that we are looking at this time. and what it tells you is this. if you have a tie race nationally, you are going to scrutinize each of these swing states polls to every degree you possibly can. when you start to see this movement in a 7-point lead when you are well outside the margin of error nationally. what that tells you is the race is starting to break open. this is something we have been waiting to see if it would happen. for a minute it looked like it might break open for the president. but now it looks like it's breaking open for romney. megyn: a they are saying a rising tide lifts all boats. rasmussen was saying you can just expect that the swing states will follow, presumably the same is true now that mitt romney is at the top. but they also said expect a tightening as we get into late october. we saw a tightening and now we are
. they had pilots fly to baja, california, then minutes before the crash the two pilots jumped out. they had, of course, cameras on their helmets. there were also cameras on chase planes, 38 cameras mounted inside and outside the plane, so the footage is spectacular. now take a lock at the footage from outside. this is the plane actually crashing, okay? it comes in about 200-plus miles per hour. it hits just above the desert floor, and watch it hit. the landing here, by the way, was down. it folds up immediately, the tip goes off. the first class cabin gets sustain to the other side. take a look at this thing from the inside. this thing was filled with crash test dummies. this is what the crash looked like inside about five seconds before it hits, right? you can see the wings, here it comes. inside, boom. imagine the impact. you'll get a better view here of actually what the passengers would have seen had they been in this plane. right? crash test dummies were in it. if the plane crash is survivable, it's because of the brace position. listen. >> the brace position dummy did the best. althou
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)